Our Story


How it all started

We are Steve and Julie Macher.

It started much the same ways as many people start breeding birds, my father bred a couple of budgies in the back garden in the UK and low and behold I was hooked. I have been breeding birds for over 30 years now and started in the UK where I bred mutation cockatiels, Australian broad-tails and African grey’s.

As with many breeder it soon became a passion and I loved creating and establishing new mutations and hand-rearing parrots.

We bred in the UK for about 20 years when we decided it was time to move to New Zealand. The challenge of selling up 20 years of birds and genetic lines was hard but equally we looked forward to picking the hobby up again in a new country. Little did we know the challenge this would actually be given the lack of ability to import and the limited gene pool available in New Zealand.

However we still managed to be fairly successful with Julie being crowned New Zealand Novice roller canary breeder and myself helping in a small was to move clubs and societies into the technological age.

After deciding to move to a rural locations from suburbia we have taken the big leap to establish large flights and quality birds to pick up from where we started all those years ago but on a much bigger scale.

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Our Birds

Currently we are focusing on a variety of species which range from Galah Cockatoos to Orange headed Goldian Finches. At present we have the Following breeding birds.

  • Mutation cockatiels (Whitefaced, Albino, Lutino and Pearls)

  • Barrabands

  • Silver and Pastel Blue Redrumps

  • Grey and Blue Indian Ring Necks

  • Galah Cockatoos Parrots

  • Orange Headed and Black Headed Goldian Finches

  • Eclectus Parrots

  • Grey, Blue and Dark Factor Budgies